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Get it right from Day One with Puppy Training

Have you got a new puppy? Do you want to stop any bad behaviour before it starts? If you’re looking for puppy training in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire or Northamptonshire, we can help.

The puppy training method we use is proven to be highly effective at addressing any behavioural issues you may have already noticed in your puppy and will prevent bad habits from developing.

It’s important to start puppy training as early as possible, while the puppy is still young, so don’t delay!


1-2-1 puppy training in the comfort of your own home or garden!

6 X 1 hour sessions for £150.00.

No travel charge within 10 mile radius from Upper Heyford near Bicester. Anything over 10 miles there is an additional £0.45p per mile each way.

Upon completion of the training your pup will receive a certificate.

Please Note: Full payment taken at first session, non refundable.

Two puppies

How can puppy training help?

Puppy training will stop behaviour problems such as mouthing, chewing and hanging on to clothes, and will help with toilet training too.

While you absolutely can teach an old dog new tricks – and we work with lots of older dogs to change their behaviour – it’s still a good idea to train the basics while a dog is very young.

Puppy training will also teach your puppy to sit, stay, walk on and off lead, and recall reliably when you call them.

Puppy training dog

Are there any other benefits to puppy training?

As well as addressing behavioural issues and preventing future problems through puppy training, our service also includes feeding and nutrition advice. For example, we’ll be happy to discuss your puppy’s diet with you and suggest what chews they should and shouldn’t have.

Finally, puppy training can improve your dog’s socialisation – helping them to get used to other dogs, as well as humans, and behave well in social situations.

Why choose Dogs Behaving Calmly for your Puppy Training?

Dogs Behaving Calmly is run by Linda Cooze – an expert dog behaviourist and trainer – and serves all areas of Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Northamptonshire.

Unlike some dog and puppy trainers, Linda’s comprehensive behavioural technique will address all aspects of your puppy’s behaviour – fixing current problems and preventing future problems from ever occurring.

For a free phone consultation, contact Linda now.

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