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Linda's Unique Dog Training Method

Linda Cooze is a qualified Dog Behaviourist

That means she doesn’t just address one problem with your dog’s behaviour, or teach them to do just one thing. 

Instead, Linda helps you to understand how your dog’s mind works, gaining a deep understanding of how they think and your relationship with them. 

In other words, a dog behaviourist like Linda will really get to the root of your dog’s behaviour and make wide-reaching changes that transform the way your dog behaves.

5 reasons to choose Linda

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What's the difference between a dog trainer and a dog behaviourist?

The terms “dog trainer” and “dog behaviourist” are often used interchangeably. However, the approach – and the results – can be very different.

A dog trainer will attempt to teach your dog to do (or not do!) something through various encouragement and discouragement techniques relating to that one specific issue. A dog trainer may be able to train your dog to sit, heel or roll over. Equally, they may be able to help with a particular problem you are facing, such as the dog pulling on the lead.

A dog behaviourist will help you to understand how your dog’s mind works and quickly and effectively make a wide range of changes to your dog’s behaviour.

Linda Cooze from Dogs Behaving Calmly is a qualified Dog Behaviourist based in Oxfordshire.