Looking for a dog trainer in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire or Northamptonshire? Call Linda.

An Expert Dog Trainer in Oxfordshire

Dogs Behaving Calmly is run by Linda Cooze, a professional Dog Behaviourist based in Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire. 

Linda offers dog training and puppy training across the region – including Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Northamptonshire. 

Linda’s unique method is kind and gentle on your dog, and crucially… It works! 

After just a short time with Linda, you’ll soon have a beautiful, calm dog to be proud of.

Linda Cooze - Dog Behaviourist in Oxfordshire

Linda Cooze is a Dog Behaviourist with a lifelong passion for training and caring for dogs.


All of these customers now have calm and adorable dogs thanks to Linda’s unique method.

Andy Perks
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Linda’s advice, along with her teachings, are game changers. We had two “rule the roost” Shih Tzus… until Monday afternoon when we met this wonderful lady. Since then, we now have two very different, chilled out, dogs. Walks always filled us with trepidation. This morning was the first time we were able the put her ideas into practice. Guess what?… They work! Both dogs walked to heel, didn’t pull and it was pleasurable. Although we didn’t encountered any other dogs on the walk around the estate this morning, we will be fully prepared for when we do. 5*s. Thank you, Linda.
Elspeth Greig
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OMG! What a difference! The improvement was immediate. I wondered whether it was just a fluke but your instructions have made such a difference. He doesn't bark like he did and is so much calmer. I have recommended you to a friend. Thank you so much.
Karen Thomson
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Linda is a wonderful person and is absolutely dedicated to you and your dog. Very calm method of training which gets the best out of YOU and your dog. Couldn't recommend Linda's patience and commitment highly enough to do her and her training justice.
Vikki Franklin
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Linda is amazing! Professional, not at all judemental, her ethos is all about making sure that you are in control, not your dog. Most importantly, her methods work!
Kim Leonard
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Linda has a really calm manner about her and she's worked magic on my very nervous cockapoo who very recently has found himself on his own after losing his brother a few weeks ago. Toby has only ever known life with Ted so it was a real shock to have to spend time on his own. Linda has taught me and Toby new skills and she has boosted Toby's confidence both out on walks and at home. He even plays with another cockapoo when we're out - something he never did before meeting Linda! If you have a dog that needs a helping hand and a confidence boost then Linda is the person for the job. Thank you so much - life is certainly calmer since we met Linda!
Celeb Durant
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While our two girls were generally well behaved they barked like mad when anyone came to the housed would bark at strangers & other dogs while out for a walk. This was unsettling for us & for anyone who didn't have know that they didn't have an aggressive bone in there body's. We learned that they were acting as they were because they believed they were the dominant ones in the household & was causing them stress. Once we recognised this after talking to Linda & putting the training into action we started to see result's within the first week. They are still a work in progress and it will be down to us ensuring we take the time to do the training we learned. We would absolutely recommend that if you are worried or inconvenienced by your dogs behaviour give Linda a call! She will make a real difference.
Joanna Poduch
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Linda is an angel! My 1 year old frenchie was never trained. Didn't expect too much from first meeting.. and I was so wrong! Linda showed us how to better understand our dog and it really works from day 1! Thank you so much!

Winning your dog's mind with Dog Training

Imagine having a dog that comes immediately whenever you call.

As a Dog Behaviourist, Linda will help you to understand how your dog's mind works, and how that understanding can help to transform their behaviour

Get it right first time with Puppy Training

There's a lot that can go wrong when training a puppy so it's important to get it right from the beginning.

Don't risk having a nightmare dog in 18 months time! Work with Linda and have a gorgeous little puppy from day one.

Arrange a home visit

Linda only does home visits, as it’s important for your dog to learn in a comfortable and familiar environment

It’s this kind of understanding that makes Linda one of the best dog trainers in the Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Northamptonshire area.

So, if you’re looking for dog training or puppy training in Buckinghamshire or Berkshire, Oxfordshire or Northamptonshire, Bicester or Buckingham, Winslow or Woodstock – or anywhere in between! – contact Linda now.

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Linda is a qualified Dog Behaviourist and certified by Dog Trainer Academy.

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